Evening hours at Camp Adventure

There are many reasons to visit our spot in the woods when the sun is low in the sky. The colours, scents and impressions change character and enhance the great nature experience.

Another reason is that from the end of this week, sun and high temperatures are forecast. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sight of the sun's last rays and have an evening experience, which is perhaps best done on the warm days of the year.

You can visit both the Forest Tower and the flower field in the sunset hours, whether you dream of watching the sun descend from the top of the tower or in the field surrounded by thousands of flowers, perhaps on a picnic blanket with your loved ones.

You can buy tickets for the Forest Tower as well as the parking and access ticket, which gives access to the flower field, at our reception until 18pm. From 18pm to 20pm you can buy tickets from our self-service machine. You must have left Camp Adventure 15 minutes after sunset.

We hope to see you for a sunset experience

📸 Mads Tolstrup

A regular experience

If you have visited the flower field, you may have noticed our ten pig friends with curly tails.

We have a group of free-range pigs walking in an enclosure in the middle of the flower field, where you will often see them cooling off in the mud, digging in the ground for food and or resting.

You are very welcome to look at the pigs, and children in particular are often fascinated by the large animals. It is a perfect activity for the whole family, perhaps in combination with a picnic in Northern Europe's largest flower field, the berry plantation, the fruit grove or the large nature playground and mini-climbing track.

A little extra experience when you visit Camp Adventure


Northern Europe's largest flower field is in full bloom

The flower field has blossomed into a sea of ​​colorful flowers here at Camp Adventure, and it's a great time to visit.

It is an overwhelming sensory experience to walk through the 12-hectare flower field, where you will find 12 different areas divided according to the different flower types and colors. Here you can walk for several kilometers on the paths through the different color zones, have a picnic surrounded by flowers, pick a bouquet to take home or just let yourself be overwhelmed by the peace that comes with the hum of the bees and the quiet flutter of the butterfly.

Once the entrance and parking ticket for Camp Adventure has been paid, which costs DKK 65 per vehicle, then there is free access to the flower field, whether it is a picnic or a hike that beckons. It costs DKK 50 to fill a bucket with flowers.
If you have extra energy after exploring the flower field, you can also enjoy our large nature playground, mini-climbing track, berry plantation, fruit grove and courtyard with street food, to which the entrance and parking ticket also gives access.

Enjoy ????

???? Mads Tolstrup

Get up close and personal with the bees' secrets

On Friday, 22.07.22, you can get really close to the bees' magical universe here at Camp Adventure.

Here, Camp Adventures' very own beekeeper comes to visit between 11-15, where you can meet him in the courtyard by the food stalls, and see how to take honey from the beekeepers and run it on glass. In addition, he will talk about the work of bees and how to keep hives.

Of course, there will also be tastings of the completely fresh honey.

Enjoy ????

Sunset in the Forest Tower

It is very special to see the sun go down during the summer months.

We appreciate this kind of summer memory at Camp Adventure, where from today you can visit the Forest Tower until sunset.

Imagine the excitement of walking on the raised footpath that leads you to the Forest Tower, while through the green trees of the forest you sense that the sun will soon set. And think of the rush when you climb the 45-meter-high tower, which with a 360-degree view lets you enjoy the sun's magnificent play of colors.

After enjoying this summer experience, the area must be vacated within 15 minutes of sunset. You can buy tickets for Skovtårnet via our reception between 10.00 and 18.00 or via our self-service between 18.00 and 20.00, so you get the opportunity to see the last rays of the day.

Who would you invite to experience the sunset in the Forest Tower? 🌳

New climbing path for the whole family

Welcome to the 12th and newest member of Denmark's largest climbing park.

We have been waiting with excitement to be able to share the news about our new climbing course - the dark yellow course - which is a full 250 meters. It consists of nine obstacles as well as four cable cars with a total length of 160 meters.

The course is especially aimed at families with children, who visit us here at Camp Adventure. With an age limit of seven years and a minimum height of 110 centimeters, the course, which reaches a maximum of eight meters above the ground, offers excitement and fun for both big and small.


A perfect summer day for the whole family

The starting shot for the schools' summer holidays has sounded, and here at Camp Adventure we have tried to knit a proposal together for a perfect day for the family with children who visit us.

Spend the morning in Denmark's largest climbing park. Here are children's courses all the way down to the age of three in the middle of the beautiful beech forest, where a total of 12 different courses meander at different heights and levels of difficulty for both beginners and experienced climbers.


When hunger strikes, you as a family have two options: you can bring your own lunch and enjoy it at selected picnic areas at the camp, or you can visit one of our food stalls, which are open for lunch every day during the school summer holidays.


With renewed energy you can go through the forest, where you walk on the zigzagged and raised footpath, which is 3,2 kilometers long and which leads you to the Forest Tower. You will now experience the suction in your stomach over the tower's architecture, the South Zealand nature and the magnificent view from the top of the 45 meter high tower.


If the children still have energy after the trip in the tower, they can try their hand at the camp's large nature playground, where they can swing, practice balance or climb up the children's climbing wall.


At the very end, a bit of family activity hides. Because next to Camp Adventure, we have Northern Europe's largest flower field, where you as a family can walk in the colorful sea of ​​flowers, and where you can pick your very own flower bouquet.


What would you like to do as a family at Camp Adventure?

Street food at Camp Adventure

The food options vary at Camp Adventure, where you can find different food stalls, each with their own taste profile.

All stalls are open every day for lunch during the schools' summer holidays. Some stalls, such as the coffee bar, open earlier to serve coffee to the morning guests. Here you can see the food supply, which is constantly changing:

Taste award-winning, Indian street food at Dhaba, which offers the stew karahi in a vegetarian or meat version. A little insider tip: Try their naan bread baked in a real tandoori oven.

Healthy salads and crispy sandwiches await at Heli. Right now you can enjoy their summer salad, which consists of pickled red onions, radishes and parsley pesto with sweet potatoes and salted almonds on top.

Delicious Italian dishes are at the forefront of Kamast. Try fresh ravioli with spinach and ricotta or their vegan version of pasta pomodoro.

With a hot drink you can take a short break at Simply Good Coffee, which offers the classics cappuccino and espresso, but also hot chocolate and tea from AC Perch's The trade.

If you need to cool down, taste Holmegaard's soft and creamy ice cream. Each ice cream is produced according to its own, unique recipes with selected ingredients and ingredients.

Flame-fried steaks for both meat lovers and vegetarians. You can get it from Willys, who are also known for their french fries.

You can also find sausages and bread in our sausage cart.

We look forward to seeing you for a delicious bite to eat,

News on Northern Europe's largest flower field

We work hard to sow, plant and prepare the flower field for the season. While the flower field is still the largest in Northern Europe, this year we have made some changes to make it an even more magical place to visit.

This year we have divided the field into 12 zones instead of 7. The extra zones mean that you will experience an even greater play of colors if you walk the 2,5 kilometers on the paths through the flower field.

At the same time, we have made the flower field even more sensuous by planting a large berry plantation with several thousand shrubs with currants, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and blueberry plants. But that's not the only thing you can eat from Blomstermarken. This year you can also go on apple orchards in a large orchard with apple trees, cherry trees and pear trees.

And like the cherry on top (literally) we have planted an avenue with fragrant lavenders and Japanese cherry trees.

We look forward to welcoming you to the flower field 🌻

Video: delicious products in the farm shop

Handmade ceramics, sustainable food and luxurious skin care are among the products that you will find in our new store, where quality, aesthetics and the connection to nature are paramount.

The shop also has fruit and vegetables from our own fields, meat from Camp Adventures free-range pigs as well as unique products from selected food producers.

You can watch the video here.
The video is in English as we originally shared it on Instagram

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