Clockwork - a musical experience in the Forest Tower

Enter URVÆRK, a magnificent musical experience, where an innovative violin concerto has been created to fill the Skovtårnet's unique setting.

Two days in August, the Forest Tower is transformed into a large musical clock as the audience moves up through the Forest Tower. Here, the 12 basic tones that we know from Western music are examined, so the trip around the tower is an exploration of the entire fifth circle. The concert in Skovtårnet is a journey in sound and music, and all participants will experience the music differently.
The concert in Skovtårnet is a musical, aesthetic and sensual experience, which challenges the traditional way of listening to music and going to concerts.
We hope to see you for a unique evening in the woods. Tickets can be purchased here under EVENTS / EVENTS.

18.30: Welcome to Gårdspladsen by Camp Adventure, before everyone goes in a group to the foot of the Forest Tower
19.00: A glass of wine or water is offered at the bottom of the tower, and Mathias Madsen Munch presents Clockwork
19.15: Jens Elfving pulls URVÆRK up with his electric violin
19.30: Clockwork is experienced when you walk up through Skovtårnet
20.00: All guests experience Skovtårnet 'by night', while the sun goes down over the treetops
20.30: The guests leave the top of the tower and now experience WATCHWORK backwards in the beginning twilight
21.00: Torches show the way back to the courtyard and the parking lot
The artists behind URVÆRK:
· Mathias Madsen Munch, who is a trained film composer from the Danish Academy of Music. He has written the music for URVÆRK.
· Anders Amdisen is a trained sound engineer from the Statens Scenekunstskole and sound engineer at Østerbro Teater. He has programmed the interactive design behind the clockwork and integrated the 12 speakers in the work.
· Jens Elfving is a classical violinist from Gothenburg, educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen. He plays the violin in URVÆRK.
The project is supported by Accompany Music, Faxe Municipality and MMMusic.