New challenges in the climbing park

Yesterday, the finishing touches were put on our 12th climbing course. The dark green family track should have been ready already last year, but due to a lack of materials, it has only been possible to get all the parts home and build the track for this season. The climbing course is a family course that is at the easy end of the difficulty scale. You must be 7 years old and over 110 cm. high to try the pitch

The course has 12 obstacles, which include a visit to a cozy little wooden cabin. There are 5 fun cable cars on the climbing course, which give your stomach a rush. The track is an average of 7 meters high and 300 meters long. On the round trip, you float over the babbling brook twice before you are back in the starting area in the middle of the forest.

The track opens together with the rest of the climbing park at Easter, and we look forward to you trying it!

Is the dark green course for you? 😀