The book about the Forest Tower

Together with Arkitektens Forlag and EFFEKT Arkitekter, Camp Adventure has published the book The Forest Tower. In the book, we get behind the whole process from idea to inauguration, to how it went after the opening. There is both a foreword from Camp Adventure, an essay written by architecture reviewer and editor Kristoffer Weiss together with Camp Adventure and an interview with EFFEKT Arkitekter. Essays and interviews highlight the ambition to create an aesthetic edifice and a unique nature experience that is at the same time adapted to nature and built as sensitively as possible. The book is also pictorial and contains series of photographs by photographer and architect Rasmus Hjortshøj, who have visited Skovtårnet in spring, summer and autumn.


The book is aimed not only at a professional audience, but at everyone who has an interest in nature experiences, architecture, construction, entrepreneurship and not least the Forest Tower. It is the first book release about Skovtårnet and is an impressive and comprehensive documentation of one of the most talked about and award-winning attractions in Denmark in recent times.


The book costs DKK 225 and can be purchased at Camp Adventures reception.