Camp Adventure opens Northern Europe's largest self-picking flower field

We have kept a big secret here at Camp Adventure, which we are so happy to be able to unveil now.

For the 1st of July, we open Northern Europe's largest pick-your-own flower park, which becomes a 12-hectare colorful flower sea, where you can pick your own unique bouquet.

The flower field becomes an aesthetic and sensual experience with several kilometers of paths that wind through nine zones with different flower varieties in different color palettes. It all gets framed by tall sunflowers and lupins.

We hope that our guests will take the time to throw themselves into the grass and let themselves be embraced by the many sensory impressions of the flower field.

You can see TV2 Øst's feature about the big plans right here.

We are excited, happy and so happy to share this news with you 🌺