Northern Europe's largest flower field opens on Saturday

Do you want to experience Northern Europe's largest flower field for free on the opening day? 🌼

On Saturday, July 10, at 10 am, Camp Adventure opens the ten-hectare Flower Field, where you can hike several kilometers in a colorful sea of ​​flowers and pick your own unique bouquet.

The flower field is divided into ten zones with different mixtures of flowers and colors, which surround small pockets on the route, where you can have a picnic in the green. In extension of Blomstermarken, there is a large vegetable field where you harvest your own vegetables.
The flower field will be opened with an official ceremony at 10 am, where all interested parties are welcome. Then you can go for a walk among all the flowers and enjoy a picnic surrounded by flowers completely free between 10 and 12 o'clock.

If you want to pick a bouquet of flowers, it costs 125 kroner to fill a bucket, while it is free to pick flowers between 10 and 12 for annual card holders.

The access to Blomstermarken is located in the corner of our car park, which is closest to Blomstermarken. Due to this event, however, we hope that you will help us keep the first parking stall free of cars for this event.

See you? We hope so 🌸